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Zolaika was the personal assassin of the Rogue of Port Caynn, Pearl Skinner. For her Zolaika committed countless murders, silencing those who could become trouble for her mistress. When Pearl wanted someone killed "in silence", so that no one knew who was the killer, she sent Zolaika[1]. Zolaika was arrested along with Pearl in September of 247 HE, when Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin came from Corus to investigate in the matter of false coins.

By September of 247 HE Zolaika was already past her prime[2]. Usually she was seen with white face paint and noticeable clothes. However, no one knew what she really looked like because of the heavy make-up and her various wigs. She acted stiff and slow but wasn't.[3] Zolaika could take the make-up off easily, because it was painted onto a light piece of muslin that could be pulled off[1]. That's why she was able to commit murders for Pearl Skinner without once being associated with them.

She only appears in Bloodhound.

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