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Zhegorz Fiavrus is a schizophrenic mage, initially a beggar who Daja first met in Cold Fire when he was a patient at a hospital in Kugisko, although he wasn't named or described.

Zhegorz approaches Daja in Dancruan to warn her about Empress Berenene and court intrigue. The guards assigned to their party want to drive him away, but Daja recognizes him and stays behind to speak to him, eventually bringing him back to Sandry's residence to provide for him. Tris suspects he has ambient magic and examines him, finding that he has a natural ability to scry on the winds. His magic was never recognized as hers was and he grew up believing the voices he heard weren't real, and yet persecuted when he overheard information that was sensitive or private.

Tris and Daja take it upon themselves to train his magical ability, a task they find aggravating because of his sensitivity and mental instability. Daja makes him spectacles and beads for his ears out of living metal, which help him learn to filter the sounds and sights.

Although he initially intends to return to Emelan as part of Sandry's entourage, Briar's stories of Summersea convince him that he would not feel at home there. He parts with his traveling companions after they cross the border, where Ambros fer Landreg offers him a position in the Landreg household. Tamora Pierce has stated that she based Zhegorz's character on heavy metal musician Alice Cooper.[1]



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