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Zhegorz Fiavrus
Viynain (if people knew he was a mage)
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
Style '
Reigning Monarch
Biographical Information
Born c. 990 KF
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Magic Seer, can hear voices and see things on the winds
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Black and long
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Teacher Trisana Chandler
Briar Moss
Daja Kisubo
Occupation Seer and adviser for Cleham fer Landreg
Affiliation Landreg
Yorgiry's Hospital
Law Enforcement of
Guard District
Guard Watch
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Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
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Zhegorz Fiavrus is a mage who has the power to scry and hear things on the winds. This is mistaken for the Emelan Universe equivalent of schizophrenia, and the man is cast out from his home and institutionalized. He befriends Daja Kisubo, Trisana Chandler, Briar Moss, and Sandrilene fa Toren while they are in Namorn.


Early life

Zhegorz was born around 990 KF, as was decided by Wenoura. He could scry and hear things on the winds from a young age, and his family was convinced he was insane. He began hearing people's secrets, and learned way too much about the Namorn Empire than what a civilian should know.

Yorgiry's Hospital

Zhegorz was admitted to Yorgiry's Hospital, which was overseen and founded by Olennika Potcracker in Kugisko. He was placed in a ward with other men who were considered insane by the state. He was given so many drugs to try and placate his hallucinations but they never helped. In 1039 KF, the arsonist Bennat Ladradun set his largest fire in the Hospital. Zhegorz helped Daja Kisubo evacuate the other madmen, and he respected her immediately when he saw what she could do with fire.

After the hospital was rebuilt, Zheogrz realized that he could not stay there anymore. He pretended to be better and sane, and was released. He wandered Namorn convinced of plot and intrigue. At one point it is believed that he was locked up, for speaking about state secrets. He was released later though.

Discovering magic

In Dancruan, Zhegorz practically accosted Sandrilene fa Toren and her family and called her a chess piece in a larger game. Pershan fer Roth would have beaten him for mocking a member of the imperial family, but Daja Kisubo intervened, saying that she knew Zhegorz and that he didn't know what he was saying. Daja took Zhegorz to Sandry's Dancruan townhouse, where she outfitted him, fed him, and talked to him about his life outside of Kugisko and Yorgiry's Hospital.

Trisana Chandler listened to them talk and noted that he could hear and see things on the winds, just like she could. She tested this theory by opening and closing a window in the kitchen that brought in breezes. To help him control his magic, Briar and Tris taught him to meditate. It was better once they were out of the city and on their way to Landreg, Sandry's home estates. Sandry told Ambros fer Landreg that Zhegorz was her new social secretary and that the explanation should appease any spies. Zhegorz was not sure he even knew how to write.

Tris and Briar concealed him magically from the empress's spies and mages, and this angered her, and she was convinced that Sandry chose him just to infuriate her.

Zhegorz was terrified that the empress knew of everything he heard, so when she came to visit them at Landreg Castle, he hid in Briar's wardrobe. When Sandry was ordered to return with the imperial court to Dancruan, Daja made him living metal earpieces and eyewear to protect him from the winds. They worked, which pleased Daja.

Escape from Namorn

Sandry decided to leave after Finlach fer Hurich attempted to kidnap her in the Imperial Palace under Berenene's nose. Ishabal Ladyhammer cast a curse on Tris and injured her, keeping her from going immediately with her foster siblings. Tris asked Zhegorz to look out for their family on their way to the border, as she wouldn't be able to do anything. She told him she had faith in him and that he grew better with seeing and hearing things on the winds each day. Zhegorz promised her to help her family. On the way, Zhegorz told the others what Tris had asked him to do while he was practicing. Briar and Daja were amused, and they believed that Tris had only asked Zhegorz to do something like this to keep him occupied and to make him believe he was helping the group. While nearing the Olart border, Zhegorz started yelling of weddings and plots and intrigue. Briar scolded him, saying that soldiers on holiday get married and that it was nothing to worry over. At Canyon Inn, Shan fer Roth kidnapped Sandry with the help of Quenaill Shieldsman in order to force the countess into a marriage contract. Briar and Daja managed to defeated Quen, and Sandry defeated Shan, his warriors, and the other mages with Shan after the sleep spell that Quen had used on her had been broken. Briar told Sandry that they all owe an apology to Zhegorz, as he had seen this coming and they didn't listen to them. Zhegorz did not seem to be angry, but only seemed to be more confident now that he had the backing from the rest of the group.

Once they were closer to the border, he did leave the group to see what was awaiting them. He told them that a mage that shone like the sun and a group of other powerful mages were waiting for them. The group assumed that the mage like the sun was Ishabal Ladyhammer, the empress's right hand mage and the woman who cursed Tris. They were surprised to learn that the empress herself was not there. The group sent Zhegorz, Gudruny Iarun, and Gudruny's children, on passed the border ahead of them so they wouldn't be in the midst of a mage fight. The defeated Ishabal.

Although Zhegorz initially intended to return to Emelan and Winding Circle as part of Sandry's entourage, Briar's stories of Summersea convinced him he could never feel at home there, as it does not snow. As Ambros fer Landreg was the new count of Landreg after Sandry had signed her lands over to him, he offered his scrying services to the count, saying that a man who was not in favor of the empress could use someone to navigate that viper pit of a court. Ambros accepted his offer.

Physical description

Zhegorz is tall with long hair that hangs passed his cheeks. He has a wild look in his eyes.

Personality and traits

Because of his scrying magic and because no one had ever taught him how to use or control it, his mind is muddled. He knows of everyone's secrets, including the empire's and that drives him madder, thinking that the empress knows of his knowledge and would torture him because of it. As he has stayed at many psychological institutions, the drugs and the potions from there had done nothing to ease his mental pain, but only made the visions and the interpretations more wild. By the time he met Daja at Yorgiry's Hospital, he was quite insane.

However, with the help of mainly Tris and Briar, Zhegorz was able to siphon through his mind and to learn control over his magic. With meditation, he was able to become much more sure of himself. His ability to protect Tris's siblings also helps his confidence enough for him to offer his services to a newly made Count.


Tamora Pierce has stated that she based Zhegorz's character on heavy metal musician Alice Cooper.[1]



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