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Lady Zenadia doa Atteneh is a Chammuran noblewoman. She is the aunt of the city's amir and she's also related to the king in far Hajra. She has been married several times and has quite a few children. Her daughters are all married.

Lady Zenadia also has a history of murderings in her name committed by the Mute and her armsmaster Ubayid. The corpses, even those of children, are buried in her garden. In 1039 K.F. she enlisted the Vipers into being her "pet gang" by providing them with new weapons. In exchange the Vipers do her bidding. When they don't fulfill her assignments to her contentment she has them killed. She tries to get the services of Evumeimei Dingzai, a young stone mage, too, but her teacher, Briar Moss, doesn't think that Evvy would fare well with the lady. When she has Evvy kidnapped Briar goes after her and frees her. Together both mages lay her garden and house in ruins.

She commits suicide before the city's guard can arrest her. Lady Zenadia only appears in Street Magic.

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