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Duke Zeburon (pronounced ZEHB-ur-ohn) was a luarin nobleman of the Copper Isles, and lived during the 5th century HE.


Duke Zeburon was a member of the Royal Council based in Rajmuat, and served King Oron.[1]

Bronau Jimajen wrote to Duke Zeburon in a simple code based on The Book of Mithros, which Alianne Crow was able to decipher easily. Bronau was looking for an ally in Zeburon, and wanted to know whether the duke would be willing to help him oust Bronau's older brother, Rubinyan Jimajen, from his position on the Royal Council.[1]

Zeburon is actually the family name, and his first name is unknown. It is the Kyprish manner to address nobles by their title and their surname, if they are the head of the house or in possession of the official title.[2]


He never appears in any of the novels, but is mentioned in Trickster's Choice.

Notes and references

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