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Map of Emelan

Zakdin (pronounced ZAHK-deen) is the capital of Hatar, an archipelagic state ruled by a king in the Pebbled Sea. In 1034 K.F. a smallpox epidemic broke out which also resulted in riots. Amiliane fa Landreg and Mattin fer Toren died in the pox, the Trader Pirisi was killed by the rioting mob. Right before the mob broke out, Pirisi had locked Sandrilene fa Toren in a magically concealed closet in the Palace of Black Swans so that she would be safe from both the mob and the pox. Sandry very nearly died in the closet without food or water.

Before the smallpox epidemic the Amphitheatre of Heroes was a notable sight in Zakdin, all build in wood. It burned down, however, when the vicitims of the pox were all put there and fire was set to it. The King promised to rebuilt it much more splendid, in marble.[1]

Notes and references

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