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Yoru (pronounced YORE-roo) is a Chammuran thukdak - "street rat". He belongs to the Vipers - a street gang.

In 1039 KF, after his gang is taken up by the takameri, Lady Zenadia doa Attaneh, he discovers the existence of Evvy Dingzai. He, Orlana, and Sajiv, are given the task of capturing the young stone mage and bringing her to the lady. In the first attempt, he and his companions are burned by Evvy's rocks when she commands them to "do something". The lady kills both Orlana, and Sajiv, but not him. The Vipers provide a distraction for Briar Moss, so that they can kidnap Evvy from his and Rosethorn's Chammuran lodgings. They take her to one of their safe places, with old rock. Evvy manages to make one stone hurt Yoru.

He only appears in Street Magic.

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