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Yorgiry's Hospital
Type Hospital
Location Blackfly Bog in Kugisko, Namorn
Bodies of water
Marine Life
Location Information
Established 1030s KF
Official Language
Religious Head
Residents Olennika Potcracker (founder)
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events Arson attack
Affiliation Yorgiry
The poor
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Notable Buildings
Rooms Kitchens and cookhouses
Head of State
Councils Governing Council
Main Industry
Trade Partners
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Only Appearance Cold Fire
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Yorgiry's Hospital is located in Kugisko on Blackfly Bog. The hospital was the last site devastated by the arson attacks in 1039 KF. It was rebuilt afterwards by volunteers.

History and events

The hospital was founded by Olennika Potcracker after she had been pushed into the Syth in an assassination attempt on Empress Berenene. She claimed she had a vision of the goddess of healing and death, Yorgiry, and quit her occupation as head cook for the empress in order to found the hospital[1].

In 1039 KF, Bennat Ladradun set a large fire in Yorgiry's Hospital in order to continue to prove his point to the city of Kugisko. He expertly set the fire so that it would destroy everything by using the oil stores as blasts. The hospital was destroyed, but Potcracker, Daja Kisubo, and others, were able to get many people out. Ladradun was a serial arsonist who had killed 150 people in total, and injured hundreds more. Usually, a serial arsonist was burned to death at the site of his greatest crime, which would be Yorgiry's Hospital, but the hospital founder and council refused to allow it, as it was a site of healing, not death[2].

After Ladradun's execution, the city was invested in rebuilding the hospital. The Bancanor family was at the head of fundraising and made a donation so large that it forced other wealthy families to do the same in order to not seem ungenerous. Craftsmen lent their work to the hospital, including Camoc Oakborn, Arnen, Niamara Bancanor, and other students at Oakborn's wood shop[3].

Location and architecture

The Hospital is located just outside of Blackfly Bog, the slum of Kugisko. There is a large wooden wall that separates the hospital grounds from the slum, and it is patrolled by lawkeepers and guardsmen in order to keep it safe. This assurance helped Kolborn Bancanor in allowing his daughter Jorality to study there under Potcracker.

The hospital was big enough to house quite a lot of people. After it burned down in the arsonist attack, it was rebuilt by members of the community who were experts in their craft.

Work as a hospital

The hospital provides aid and care to many people, and operates as a soup kitchen as well as a hospital. It has many wards for people with physical illnesses, as well as a ward for people with mental illnesses. Hospital aides evaluate patients. Zhegorz Fiavrus, a man who survived the arsonist attack, pretended to seem sane in order to get out of the hospital, and the aides discharged him[4]. The Hospital tends to over-medicate people who seem hopeless, like Zhegorz, who received a cocktail of magical and non-magical drugs in order to keep him placated each day.

It relies somewhat on donations from the wealthy. They throw a fancy banquet about four times a year, in order to get the rich to donate.[5]

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