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Yolen is a comital[1] fief in Tortall.


The lands and titles were bequeathed to Gershom of Haryse for his part in stopping the rebel conspiracy of 249 HE[2].

Gershom's new title somewhat blurs a few connections between the 3rd century and 5th century Haryse family members. If Gershom was the ancestor of the Haryse family of the 4th and 5th centuries, Emry of Haryse would have been Emry of Haryse and Yolen.


  • Gershom, Count of Yolen, Lord of Haryse[3]; Teodorie, Countess of Yolen, Lady of Haryse
    • Their children

Real-Life Connections

As Tamora Pierce and author Jane Yolen are quite close friends[4], it is possible that Pierce was honoring Yolen in the naming of this fief.

Notes and References

  1. adj. of or pertaining to a count
  2. Mastiff, final chapters
  3. Both he and his wife are Lord Gershom and Lady Teodorie even before receiving Yolen, so they are Lord and Lady of Haryse
  4. They've appeared at numerous conventions together.
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