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Yolane of Dunlath was the duchess of Dunlath and resided in Long Lake. She was colonizing it and ruining the lake and forest. Her goal was to become the queen of Tortall and so she was was conspiring to overthrow King Johnathan.

She only appeared in Wolf-Speaker.


Yolane was born around 410 - 420 HE, as she was in her thirties, when Veralidaine Sarrasri und Numair Salmalín visited Dunlath in 450 HE.[1] As older daughter Yolane was the heiress of Dunlath. She was a third or fourth cousin of Jonathan IV of Conté, who would later become King of Tortall. In 440 HE her younger half-siter, Maura of Dunlath, was born. Maura would have inherited half of Dunlath, but an agreement stated that Yolane would buy her sister out.

Yolane was married to Belden. By 450 HE they had developed a plot against the Crown and Yolane conspired to become queen herself. They had found new opal mines in the valley and were exporting those valuable stones to Carthak in exchange the Emperor provided them with mages to help them in their plot. Among those mages was Tristan Staghorn, with whom Yolane had a love affair.

The mining works distrubed the valley's environment and caused the Long Lake pack trouble. That's why they asked Daine for their help. Together the animals and surpressed immortals with the help of Daine managed to defeat Yolane and her fellow conspirators. Once Yolane realized her plans had fallen through she tried to flee the valley, but Daine and the wolf pack chased after her and eventually captured her. Back at the village Raoul of Goldenlake formally arrested her.

After Yolane's conviction for high-treason Maura inherited her portion of Dunlath.

Physical description

Yolane was described as being a beautiful woman. Her skin had the color of ivory and rose, her large eyes were brown and her hair was of a reddish brown color. She had a thin body and narrow waist. Her hands were long and elegant.[1]

As a vain person Yolane usually dressed very well in silks with lace and jewelry with diamonds. She used a gardenia scent as perfume.[2]

Personality and traits

Yolane was a very vain person. She liked to dress well and show off her wealth.

She was also cruel and disregarded the animals of Dunlath. The only points that interested her were to increase her wealth and status.

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