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Master Yadeen was a Carthaki mage who specialized in stone magic. He taught at the School for Mages of the Imperial University of Carthak. He was one of Arram Draper's instructors when the boy was in the Lower and Upper Academy.[1]


Early life

Yadeen was born in one of the tribes of the heartland of Carthak. His colleague, Sebo Orimiri, also came from around there, although it is unknown if they share the same exact tribe. It is also possible that Sebo and Yadeen lived near the tribe of Kylaia al Jmaa. Sebo cited that Yadeen's origins are the reason why he believes in animal divinity and magic, and also that he believed in Enzi's existence.[2]


Yadeen taught stone magic and juggling to Arram Draper. While Arram was in the Lower Academy, Yadeen taught him juggling. He used those same techniques to later teach stone magic. He claimed that juggling helped with concentration and coordination, and was meditative in nature. This would later help Arram learn stone magic.[3] For Midwinter of 436/37, Yadeen got Arram a gift of juggling balls. They were kept in a beautiful red wood box, figured with dragons and griffins. Yadeen told Arram that he should not bother to be grateful as he does poorly with gratitude.[3]

Physical description

Yadeen is a large burly man, with big hands. Arram often forgot just how big Yadeen was.[3]


Yadeen has only appeared in Tempests and Slaughter so far.

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