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Winnamine Balitang, born Winnamine Fonfala, was Mequen Balitang's second wife and mother of Petranne Balitang and Elsren Balitang. Winnamine was a luarin noblewoman, unlike Mequen's first wife, Sarugani Temaida. Before her death, Winnamine and Sarugani had been best friends. Accordingly, she had a good relationship with both her stepdaughters, Sarai and Dove and acted as their mother in every way. When Dove took the throne of the Copper Isles, Winna became one of her trusted advisers.


                             ?                                    Rittevon Dynasty
               ┌—————————————┴————————┐                  ┌—————————————┴————————┐
               │                      │                  │                      │
           Nuritin Balitang  unnamed brother ┬ Rittevon princess               Rittevon king or prince
                                             │                                           │                          
                   Sarugani Temaida † ┬ Mequen BalitangWinnamine Fonfala          Oron Rittevon
                                      │                 │
     ┌————————————————————————————————┴——┐             ┌┴———————————————————┐
     │                                   │             │                    │
Saraiyu BalitangZaimid Hetnim  Dovasary Balitang  Petranne Balitang   Elsren Balitang †
            Mequen Hetnim

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