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This page is about a type of magic. For the novel, see Wild Magic.

Wild magic is a special type of magic, different from the standard Gift, that connects its user to the natural world around them. While it is not uncommon, it is also not obvious, and few mages of power recognize it as even existing. As such, training can be difficult to come by. Numair Salmalín is the leading expert on wild magic.


Several characters have within the Tortall universe have some form of wild magic.

  • Veralidane Sarrasri - Known as the Wildmage in later years, Daine is the most powerful wild magic user alive, and possibly the greatest ever. Unlike many, her wild magic is not limited to a single animal species due to her divine heritage. She can speak to, control, and even take the form of any mortal animal. She can also mindspeak with immortals who are completely animalistic, such as griffins, unicorns, and hurroks. Immortals with human parts, such as Stormwings, undine, tauros, etc., are not included. However, her magic still allows her to sense these immortals even if she can't affect them. Her wild magic also allows for magical healing of animals, and she can increase an animals intelligence to near-human levels, although she sees this more as a curse than a gift. This effect is also created by an animal spending prolonged amounts of time in her presence or by getting her blood in their system (such as with a bite).
    • Sarralyn Salmalín - Daine's daughter spent the entirety of her time in the womb and a short time after birth shapeshifting wildly, much to the distress of her parents. Eventually, her grandmother informs her at her naming ceremony that she needed to pick a form (preferably human) and gender, then stick with it for at least five years.
    • Rikash Salmalín - Daine's son and second child will have magic, but it is unknown if it is wild magic.
  • Onua Chamtong - a K'mirri tribeswoman with wild magic specializing in horses. She is horsemistress of the Queen's Riders. This requires her to purchase, transport, and help train the stubborn ponies the riders use. Her wild magic may also have something to do with the bond between and her dog Tahoi, who saved her when he found her dying.
  • Tobeis Boon - a young orphan with horse magic. He is a servant of Keladry of Mindelan, where his magic allows him to handle the lady knight's rather ornery horse, Peachblossom.
  • Stefan Groomsman - chief hostler in the palace stables of Corus, he has particularly powerful horse magic. He required training from Numair. He breeds the large great-horses knights ride into combat, and deals with the more problematic horses such as Peachblossom.
    • Several of the other ostlers also have varying degrees of horse magic. The palace also employs a man and his grandson in the palace mews and two sisters in the kennels, all who have wild magic.
  • Tano - a Banjiku tribesman whose magic is specialized in cheetahs. His unnamed wife and their children also have this ability. His face is tattooed with whiskers and cat ears.
  • Cholombi - a Banjiku tribesman whose magic is specialized in canines. He has dog pawprints tattooed on his palms.
  • Monkey Girls - twin Banjiku tribeswomen with monkey-like tattoos

The Banjiku of southern Carthak and the K'miri of Sarrain are two tribes who have a particular gift in animalistic wild magic. The K'miri are commonly skilled with horses, and the Banjiku were specifically created by their goddess Lashagui with the abilitiy to bind men to animals. Tortallan sailors also have people among them known as wave-speakers who swim with and speak to dolphins.

Humans are not the only users of wild magic however. Animals have an unknown level of control over it themselves. For example, Cloud is able to transfer energy to Daine through their shared magic. The crows of the Copper Isles are able to take human form when they wish through the use of wild magic. Both times this appeared to be an ability previously unknown to those knowledgeable about wild magic, and both times the animals smugly stated that they have secrets they keep even from Daine.

Non-Animal Wild Magic

While the majority of wild magic has something to do with animals, several tribes also use different kinds of wild magic.

  • The Doi tribespeople use a type of wild magic that allows them to read futures. The only given example was through palm reading, but other types may exist.
  • The Bazhir use a form of wild magic to connect all their people together in the Voice of the Tribes. Through this magic, the Voice of the Tribes can see the truth behind the souls of any Bazhir tribesman and serves as judge in disputes. Bazhir commune with the Voice most nights by looking into the fire, which allows them to communicate with distant members and the Voice himself. However, there is a limit to the range at which this works. The current Voice of the Tribes is King Jonathan IV of Conté.

There are also creatures such as Chitral who are elementals that are composed entirely of wild magic. Chitral served as guardian to the Dominion Jewel, which also functions through wild magic, allowing a true ruler to control the plants, waters, and the earth itself within his or her kingdom.

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