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Whitethorn[1] is a city in Tortall. It is tucked into a delta formed by the rivers Olorun and Tirragen[2]. The city has existed for more than two hundred years, although it is unknown when it was first founded.

In the middle of the third century of the Human Era a royal work farm was situated there. Orva Ashmiller was sent there for disturbing the peace, using violence against her family and attacking guardswoman Clara Goodwin with a heavy knife[3].

In the spring of 457 HE, Whitethorn was a stop on the Royal Progress of that year. When the progress entered the city, there was a large procession. Onlookers wore ribbons of royal blue to show their support of the Conté monarchs and their son's marriage to Shinkokami of the Yamani Islands[2].


Although Whitethorn is shown in several maps (always spelled "Whitehorn"), it only appears in Squire.

Notes and references

  1. Note: In maps at the beginning of Squire and Lady Knight, it is "Whitehorn", but in the text of Squire, it is Whitethorn. We've decided to go with what was in the text as opposed to the maps.
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