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The Waterlily[1] was a gambling house in Port Caynn. Regular guests included the Rogue Pearl Skinner, her bodyguards Torcall Jupp, Zolaika and Jurji, Dale Rowan, Steen Bolter and Hanse Remy. A popular singer at the Waterlily was The Amber Orchid. Rebakah Cooper once hid in the dressing room of Amber. The night in the Waterlily lasted until two in the morning[2].

The interior of the Waterlily was well-lit, with lamps over every table, and the rooms were larger than those of the Merman's Cave. The gamblers were provided with comfortable chairs while their companions were to sit on stools. There were several rooms in the Waterlily, providing the visitors with several kinds of entertainment.[3] The Waterlily kept mages checking that the dice--and probably other gambling utensils--were not false.[4] Many of the rooms were used form gambling, but there were also rooms set aside for those who wanted a break, giving them the chance to eat or be entertained aside from the gambling. The Amber Orchid performed in one of those rooms.[5]

The building was surrounded by windowless warehouses to the east and to the west. From the roof one could also look out over the harbor to the south.[6]

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