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The Water Temple was one of the four sub-temples of every Living Circle temple. Its dedicates wore blue robes showing their dedication to the gods of water, Yanna Healtouch and Runog of the Deep. In Winding Circle--and probably other temples of the Living Circle religion--the Water Temple is situated in the western area of the temple grounds[1]. Water Temple was responsible for keeping the stocks of provisions needed for a healer's work, like bandages and warded box to transport samples of diseases. However, around 1035 and 1036 KF the Water Dedicates have become careless and let first bandages run low on the eve of a pirate attack and then didn't keep enough warded boxes and thus didn't have enough of those when the blue pox epedemic broke out.[2]

Known Water Temple dedicates were Staghorn[3], Willowwater[4] and Withe[5]. Novice Jaen probably served in the Water Temple, though she hadn't taken her vows yet. Healers were often Water Dedicates, so Henna was probably also dedicated to the gods of water, especially Yanna Healtouch. Moonstream was First Dedicate of Winding Circle's Water Temple as well as the Dedicate Superior of the entire temple city.

Outside of the larger Living Circle communities and temples, the different temples are often separate from each other, mostly in countries where the Living Circle was only a minor religion, like Sotat and thus Chammur. There the Water Temples helped the locals through providing with free-of-charge healing, even though the dedicates were considered strangers there and thus mostly shunned by the locals. Seperate temples are also found in large cities like in Summersea.

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