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Map of Three Rivers Province from Mastiff

War Gorge Marsh is an expanse of marshland located in the Three Rivers Province of Tortall. It is surrounded by the rivers Halseander and Banas[1].

A small village is located within the marsh. The village's headwoman is Beldeal[2].


Three thousand years prior to 249 HE, the land was not beautiful nor lush. According to Pounce, it was inhabited by the Ianto clan of the Ysandir race. Ianto was at war with the Searflame clan, of the dragon race. They built trenches in the land and moved large boulders to hurl at each other. After the battles, the land filled with water, creating War Gorge Marsh[2].

The locals of the marshland say that Merscart of the Green, a minor god, married the goddesses Halseander and Banas, creating the fertile marshes.

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