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Vonti Painter was the husband of Amaya Painter and father of Calum Painter. He doted on his son and wanted even more children.[1]

When Calum went missing on February 1, 243 HE Vonti searched for him. He never learned that his son was kidnapped and killed by the so-called Shadow Snake. Instead his wife told him that Calum had been taken by Yamani slavers. Vonti left Corus in order to bring their son back but his ship was hit by a storm and sank off the coast of Scanra.[2]

He died two years before the beginning of Terrier.[2] Thus he never appears in any of the novels but is only mentioned by his wife, Amaya Painter, when Rebakah Cooper and Ersken Westover question her about her son's kidnapping by the Shadow Snake.

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