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Sergeant Volorin (pronounced voe-LORE-ihn) served in the Third Company of the King's Own under Flyndan Whiteford, the Company's captain, and Raoul of Goldenlake, the Knight Commander.


Early life

Nothing is known about Volorin's early life, or when he joined the King's Own.


After the bandit attack on Haresfield, Third Company was asked to investigate and capture the bandits. Volorin and his squad were sent to retrieve Graystreak, the oily and smooth-talking centaur chief whose herd did business with Haresfield. Volorin recognized the bandits' next target to be the village of Owlshollow, also located in the Royal Forest.

Before the official declaration of the Scanran War in 460 HE, Third Company was stationed at the border of Scanra and Tortall in order to fight raiding parties. Volorin was placed in command at a trading village.

Physical Description

Volorin wore his dark hair long and braided. Ivory beads that were carved like skulls were at the ends.

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