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The Voice of the Tribes is an important position with the tribes of the Bazhir. The voice settles disputes among the tribesmen and governs the laws and ways by which the Bazhir people live. The magical and powerful force behind the voice sees through the souls of people to their consciences and the good and bad within them and to weigh their actions and thoughts. The Voice holds a certain power of the Bazhir people, who see it as a mystical unexplainable power. It happens around the camp's fire at night time and the only people allowed to sit there are adults, young men that have reached manhood, from the age of thirteen years and above.

Tribespeople also communicate with the voice when they are away from their tribe, although the distance of the voice's mental reach isn't indefinate. When traveling with Alanna to the Roof of the World, Coram couldn't join the voice any longer.

Known Voices


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