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Vivenne of Cavall (pronounced KAV-all) is the wife of Wyldon of Cavall, knight and training master of Tortall. They have four daughters: Eiralys, Sunarine, Cathrea and Margarry of Cavall. Vivenne's son-in-law is Owen of Jesslaw through his marriage to Margarry. Her sister-in-law, Elasabenne of Cavall, doesn't particularly like her as she doesn't think that she was good enough for Wyldon.

Only on one occasion has Pierce spelled her name like "Vivienne" - the rest of the time she has spelled it Vivenne, so it was probably a typo.

       │                                         │                  │
Wyldon of CavallVivenne of Cavall  unnamed brother  Elasabenne of Cavall - unnamed husband
       │                                 │                  │                   │
Eiralys of Cavall ┬ unnamed husband  Sunarine of Cavall Cathrea of Cavall Margarry of Cavall - Owen of Jesslaw
             unnamed children

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