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Veralidaine Sarrasri
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King's Champion
Prime Minister
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Nickname Daine, the Wildmage, Magelet
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Born 436 HE
Nationality Tortallan, org. Gallan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Hair Brown, curly
Eyes Blue-grey
Family Information
Noble House
Grandparents Benek
Parents Sarra Beneksri and Weiryn
Adoptive Parents
Husband Numair Salmalín
Children Sarralyn Salmalín (dauther), Rikash Salmalín (son)
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Rank Assistant Horsemistress (former)
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K'miri Tribe
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Tortallan character
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Veralidaine Sarrasri (pronounced vehr-AHL-ee-dayn) (b. 436 HE[1]), also known as Daine (pronounced dayn), is Gallan by birth although Tortallan by adoption. She is a warrior and mage in the King's service, and was formerly Assistant Horsemistress the Queen's Riders. She is generally known as the Wildmage as there is currently no other possessor of Wild magic with such power. She and her husband Numair Salmalin make a formidable magical team, and were key players in The Immortals War.

She has adopted a baby dragon named Skysong, or Kitten, and has powerful magic with all animals. She also has the ability to shape shift into any animal, except for immortals.

Early Life in Galla

Daine was born in the tiny village of Snowsdale, Galla. Her mother was Sarra Beneksri, and her father was unknown, leading Daine to take Sarrasri as her last name (derived from her mother's first name). She lived with her mother and grandfather, and had a generally happy childhood, although the stigma of being a bastard bothered her. She had, as her mother put it, "a knack with animals" and used her talent to help members of her village.

In 449 HE, Daine's village, Snowsdale, was sacked by bandits. The raid caused many deaths, including that of Daine's mother. After the raid, Daine went wild, living amongst the wolves to get revenge on the bandits, and fled once she realized what had happened. In Cria, she was hired by Onua Chamtong to become Assistant Horsemistress in the Queen's Riders and invited to come back with her to Tortall.

Life in Tortall

On the road to Tortall with Onua, Daine rescued and befriended the mage Numair Salmalin. Numair discovered her talent with animals are actually wild magic and became her teacher. Daine meets many important people who become interested in her and her unique magic, including

Daine adjusted to life in Tortall, working with the Queen's Riders and learning to control her magic from Numair. She met Alanna the Lioness, Queen Thayet, and King Jonathan. She also befriended Prince Roald and Princess Kalasin. Her talents proved especially valuable as the Immortals started to reappear and threaten Tortall.

Battle at Pirate's Swoop

Pirate's Swoop, where Daine was with the trainee Riders, was besieged by suspected Carthaki pirates and Daine was forced, reluctantly, to user her wild magic to call on the animals of the area for help. Daine saved the day, after a fashion; the pirates are eventually removed by a kraken Daine inadvertently summoned.

During the siege, Daine encountered a dragon named Flamewing. After the dragon was killed in battle, Daine became foster-mother to Flamewing's newborn daughter, Skysong, also known as Kitten.

Dunlath Rebellion

Daine and Numair helped thwart a rebellion against Tortall in Dunlath in 450 HE[1]. The two went on reconnaissance trip to the fief of Dunlath, partially to find out the fate of a Rider Group who vanished in the area. They were also coming to the aid of the Long Lake wolf pack, whom Daine knew from Snowsdale.

They found that the Rider Group was dead, and that Yolane and Belden of Dunlath were plotting to overthrow the Crown with the assistance of Tristan Staghorn and some other mages, with the backing of Emperor Ozorne of Carthak. The mages set up a barrier around the fief, thwarting the attempts of Maura of Dunlath, Yolane's younger sister, to escape and inform the King and Queen of the conspiracy. With the help of Maura, the ogre Iakoju, the Long Lake Pack, and other allies, Daine was able to break the barrier and allow Numair and the King's forces to enter Dunlath and put a stop to the plans of rebellion. Eventually, the conspirators were neutralized: Numair turned Tristan into a tree, Belden committed suicide, and Yolane tried to get away on horseback but failed and was arrested.

During her time in Dunlath, Daine discovered two new magical abilities, with the help of the Badger--she learned to share an animal's mind and use its senses, and to shape-shift.

Carthaki Diplomatic Mission

Daine was sent as part of a Tortallan peace delegation to Carthak in 451 HE. She healed Emperor Ozorne's birds, and befriended Kaddar Iliniat, the emperor's heir. However, the gods, particularly the Graveyard Hag were displeased with Carthak and Ozorne, and the Hag chose Daine to be her instrument.

When Ozorne imprisoned Daine and attempted to execute his onetime-friend Numair, Daine used her abilities and the Graveyard Hag's power to hunt down Ozorne and destroy the Imperial Palace.

The Immortals War

Several years into The Immortals War, Daine and Numair went to fight Skinners and were about to be killed but the badger god saved them and brought them to the Divine Realms. Daine was introduced to her father Weiryn, a minor hunting god and saw her mother who had turned into a goddess after death. Numair and Daine had to journey through the realms to get home and help fight in the Immortals War. Daine was instrumental in a conference of the gods that resulted in the defeat of Uusoae and many of the immortals being returned to the Divine Realms.

The Scanran War

Daine was instrumental in gathering intelligence during and in the lead-up to the Scanran War. She helped defend the refugee camp Haven, and served as a messenger and scout to the Tortallan forces.



Daine is the adoptive mother of Skysong, called kitten. Daine cares for Kitten and teaches her. Kitten regards Daine as her mother and chooses to stay with her over staying in the Dragonlands.


Cloud is Daine's horse and oldest friend, who has been with her since before the death of Daine's mother and grandfather. Cloud and Daine were the only members of their household in Snowsdale to survive the bandit raid. The other horses—Cloud's kin—died along with the humans.


As a teenager, Daine discovered her unknown father was Weiryn, the god of the hunt. Weiryn acknowledged her as his offspring and offered assistance to her and Numair in the Divine Realms. After briefly considering taking her father's name and replacing "Sarrasri" with "Weirynsra," Daine decided to keep her original name, as she is proud to be her mother's daughter.


Brokefang is the leader of the wolf pack that Daine joined after the destruction of her village. She later was able to help him and his pack settle their differences with the humans at Dunlath. Daine and Brokefang consider each other to be pack, a close bond.

Although all animals who come into contact with Daine are altered, this process may have been accelerated by Brokefang cleaning a wound on Daine's, thus ingesting her blood.

The Badger

The Badger, the cantankerous male badger god, is a friend of Daine's father, Weiryn. The Badger protects Daine and guides her, particularly in her early stages of mastering her Wild Magic.


Onua was Daine's first friend in Tortall. She took a chance by hiring Daine to work with her. She gave Daine acceptance and trust in her early days in Tortall, and the two always remained good friends.

Romance and Family

         Benek Todorsra ┬ ?
           Sarra BeneksriWeirynVeralidaine SarrasriNumair Salmalín
                  Sarralyn Salmalín                    Rikash Salmalín

Daine had several admirers during her first several years in Tortall (age 13-16), but she never took any of them very seriously.

Although at first they maintained a strictly platonic teacher-pupil relationship, she and Numair eventually became lovers, and live together in the Palace. They were married in April of 462 HE[2] and are known to have two children, Sarralyn Salmalín and Rikash Salmalín.

Skills and Abilites

Physical Skills

Daine is skilled in the use of both crossbow and longbow to the point where she is set to teaching trainees for the Queen's Riders how to shoot as even the officers have to work to beat her. She is as good with archery as Alanna the Lioness is at sword fighting.

Along with her skills as an archer, Daine is an expert tracker and is well-versed in wilderness survival.

Magical Abilities

Daine's uniquely strong Wild Magic enables her to communicate with all vertebrate animals, and speak mentally with those immortals who do not have voices of their own. She can even control animals and force them to do her bidding, though she doesn't like to use this power, for fear of abusing it.

Wild magic allows Daine to heal animals, though, like all her magical abilities, this can sometimes occur out of her control.

Any animal who comes into prolonged contact with Daine, notably her faithful horse Cloud, gains intelligence beyond the norm for their species and begins to act more human.

On her mission in Dunlath Daine discovered (through her badger advisor's cryptic suggestion) that she can assume an animal's shape though it is revealed that this does not extend to an immortal's form (if she takes an immortal's shape she cannot shift back).

For a short period of time in Carthak, Daine has the ability to 'raise the dead', as in making dead creatures, fossilized or stuffed, become animated, but not actually becoming flesh and bone. They do not have minds, as they are already dead. However, Daine must use her energy to raise the dead, so they do not stay animated forever. After the downfall of Emperor Ozorne, this ability is taken away.

Ethical Dilemmas

Daine faces unique ethical problems in her relationship to animals due to her Wild Magic. She believes she has a responsibility to take care of and heal animals. Most animals love her and wish to help her. She regards animals as friends and is reluctant to force them to do things against their will.

She can ask or force animals to fight to defend humans, but it often wary of doing so. When she first learned to harness her powers, she refused to allow animals to fight for her, even when they wanted to, on the grounds that they would not normally interfere with human affairs. However, she relented and has often allowed animals to fight in human battles and serve as spies, though she takes precautions to help protect them.

Daine cannot shape shift into creatures she eats, because she gets queasy on eating creatures she has shared a mind with. Thus, the only meats she is able to eat are domestic fish and farm animals.

Animals become more intelligent, in a human sense, merely by being around her. It is also possible for her to enhance the intelligence of animals to help them co-operate with humans, as she does at the Haven refugee camp in 460 HE. She doesn't consider this as benefiting the animals, and believes it may even harm them.[3]

Physical description

Daine is described as having thick brown curls (which are often tamed by a headscarf) hanging past her thin shoulders. She has a "...soft, full mouth said she was vulnerable; her chin was entirely stubborn." She has blue gray eyes, a dreamer's eyes.

Daine was five feet six inches tall at age 17.[4]


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