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Varwick Jimajen was a nobleman of the Copper Isles in the 5th century HE, and was a member of the Jimajen family. He was Prince Rubinyan's son from his first marriage. He is the stepson of Princess Imajane, a Rittevon princess. He was also the nephew of Prince Bronau, his father's younger brother.

Varwick came to Rajmuat in order to talk with his father, and to discuss his father's failing marriage. It is unknown if Varwick fought against the raka in the rebellion, but it is likely. It is also unknown if he survived the rebellion at all, or if he was executed or imprisoned.

It was never mentioned whether he held a non-royal princely title, but it was likely he had, considering that both his father and his uncle, Prince Bronau had non-royal princely titles. His father's second wife was a royal princess, but his uncle had never been wed, which shows that members of the Jimajen family likely carry one from birth as recognition for their ancestor's aid in the taking of the Copper Isles.


He only appears as a very minor character in Trickster's Queen.

Family tree

                                      Ludas Jimajen
                                         Unnamed man ┬ Unnamed woman
                                  │                                             │
      Unnamed first wife ┬ Rubinyan JimajenImajane Rittevon          Bronau Jimajen †  
                         │                  │
               Varwick Jimajen            No issue

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