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     I can not believe this thing! It deleted my previous account BekaTunstallClary13 because it had caps! So i just set u p anew account, If my name doesn't give it away I have a crush on Tunstall! If I was stranded on an island I wouldn't mind having the first two books with me. I like Twilight but this is much better written. I mean the first two books. I am awaiting Mastiff so for anmy pirates reading this please strand me like in 2012. So I have Terrier, Bloodhound, and Mastiff. It also means I'll miss every one going crazy over supposedly dying on Winter break. I remember (barely) everyone talking about 2000 being the end of the world. Or close to that. When was it again? oh yeah. 2002.

     Anyhoo, I was a little kid so I was still learning the days of the week. Off topic! Sorry I was racking my brain for a song. I had it faved on one of my Youtube accounts. I couldn't remember which. I knew what the albuim cover looked like. Then I remembereed stuff like the band is something like Piller (which it was!!!) Then I was like okay now what was the song? It begin with an F and had to do with fighting. Now what was it? It was Frontline by Pillar! Gosh. I'm just in mood. My horoscope says I was going to be stressed. It today. I goitflustered after school though. Man that was a fun filed trip!

     I mean besides the whole looking at art for an hour is boring thing. I did get a little mad when my headphones broke. I'm using another pair. Oh never mind. I am going to chedck out my Facebok stuff. I'll find a more better blog entry later.

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