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So... As a fan, I've always dreamed of meeting Tammy in real life, but have also always known that that would probably never happen. I live in Denmark, which is a small country in Europe/Scandinavia and as such never expected Tammy to visit. Of course I never even considered that I could just pay for a plane ticket and come se her somewhere else, but that's not really relevant.. :P

Tammy at the Fantasy Festival

What I wanted to share with you, was my experience, when it actually happened last year. Tammy visited Denmark - and she will probably never do so again - and I was lucky enough to be able to go see her. My mom (of course) said to me; "Don't get your hopes up. You've only read her books. She might not be, as you expect." But.. Yeah.. I couldn't help myself. I got my hopes up.

And what a joy to discover that she SO deserved it! <3 We weren't that many people at the Fantasy-Festival in Esbjerg (one of the places she visited, while she was here), so we got a chance to actually talk to her! She was so nice and friendly (and she commented on my choice in books! <33) and although she was busy writing autographs most of the time she was there, I was just so blown away by her presence.

At the Q/A, she even read a passage from her new book Gift of Power. *Swoooon*

I also got at chance to meet and talk to her "spouse-creature" Tim. He didn't have to sign autographs and instead used the entire weekend just walking around and talking to the fans. Telling us little everyday-stories of Tammy and himself. <3

As you can probably hear, it was a weekend I will not soon forget and even now - ten months later - I still smile remembering that weekend and how I meet Tammy IRL. <3

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