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UPDATE Some time ago I requested a spotlight for our wiki, because I was of the opinion that we met the criteria and that it would bring some attenton from other wikians to the site. Earlier today my request was approved, so that one of those three small buttons on the buttom of every wikia-page might soon say "Tamora Pierce Wiki". However, I can't tell you when exactly we'll be spotlighted. There are still some other sites in queue before us. But I've also noticed that the list was worked down quite quickly lately, so it could be anything between quite soon and in the far future. Just keep your eyes open.

There are no Tamora Pierce related news. The Realms of the Gods is still scheduled to be released as audiobook on April 15 this year, but I'm really beginning to doubt this date. It rather seems to me as though the release is going to be rescheduled--again. I come to that conclusion by looking at all the other audiobooks by Full Cast which were supposed to be published before TRotG, four of which are already behind schedule. Bruce's most recent news announcement about their plans for an audiobook release of a new production in June also suggests that other productions might be put at the end of the list, but it might just be me thinking too much again. There are no news from Mastiff either, which suggests that Tammy is still writing on it.

Update: I've just noticed that our spotlight is now online.

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