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When visiting Tamora Pierce's website today I noticed that the listing of upcoming publications on the left had a new entry: A short-story collection with both already known and new content is to be published this year. Pierce had already mentioned this collection in December, when responding to the question about her progress on Mastiff, that she was at that time finishing three stories for the collection, before she would return to Mastiff.

I certainly think that this is good news. It means something new from Tammy this year - if the release date is not pushed back, which I really hope will not occur - and shorten the waiting time for Mastiff. It'll be great to have her short stories together in one place and I certainly do look forward to new details from the worlds she created. I even mean to remember that there will be bits and pieces both about Nawat Crow and the Darkings in this books - in different stories. Sounds like fun to me.

There are no news about the Tortall companion book once mentioned by her, nor about Mastiff. However, I was quite disturbed by the sitenotice apologizing for her not being at a convention because of a "medical emergency". I ardently hope she is feeling better and that Mastiff won't pushed back further.

In regard to The Realms of the Gods audiobook by Full Cast Audio there isn't really anything new to say. It isn't listed as "upcoming" anymore on the Full Cast website, but nevertheless doesn't seem to be shipping already either. states it to be published on April 27, which seems realistic to me and I'm hoping it to be so.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I learn any news on the above subjects or anything else newsworthy.

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