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After I always forgot this in the past weeks I will continue giving you some news on the features implemented by Wikia. You might have already noticed the new blog posts, because they have actually already been implemented for some months now. They are a new method for communication, giving other possibilities than the user talk pages or forums. There you can publish theories, opinions or whatever else comes to your mind. Others can vote on the quality of the blog posts and comment on them, although both actions can be turned off by the author of the post in question.

For starting a new blog post just go to your own userpage. At the top of the page you can choose "Blog". When you click there you can see all blog posts you have written so far (If any) and may choose to write a new one at the bottom of the page. There is also a link to a new post at the far left, where normally the link to creating a new mainspace article is situated. Or you can simply go to Special:CreateBlogPage.

The main thing that distinguishes blog pages from normal articles or even talk and forum pages? The blog post can only be edited by the author himself.

I myself like the new function and will probably continue to use it in the future, mainly for posting news--both technical like new features and referring to content like new information posted by Tammy on her livejournal.

This far for giving you a quick overview over the new function, if you have any further questions, as always, simply ask and I'll do my best to solve the problem. Perhaps the help page about it can also be of value.

I'll probably write about the new header for user-related pages and the new "My Home" section next time. And I still have to do some how-to manual for creating infoboxes ...

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