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A recent blog post on Tamora Pierce's prive livejournal seems to reveal the title of the next book in the Circle Universe. In the blog entry titled "Catching Up" Tamora Pierce mentions that she will be working on "Battle Magic". This title would fit the topic of the next book, which is to be set during a war in Yanjing and featuring Briar Moss, Evvy and Rosethorn. So "Battle Magic" seems to be at least the working title of the next book.

I think the title would fit the book (from what we know so far) very well and it would also fit into the scheme that Tamora Pierce's books often tend to have two-word titles or one-word titles recently we've had only two exceptions to this rule (The Will of the Empress and Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales). What do you think of the title?

And a small reminder for all who don't know yet or have forgotten: Mastiff, the final installment in the Beka Cooper books, is due to be released in a little less than two months. The next book in the Emelanese Universe is due for publication in 2012.

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