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After I gave you over a month more time to give your opinions on the proposed changed to our Manual of Style I read over it again and put my draft up as the new official Manual of Style. If any problems with it arise feel free to bring them up, either here, on the manual's talk page or in the community forums. To make it more prominent I've also added a link to our Manual of Style to the sidebar at the left. For the same reason I've added a link to the to do list.

I also wanted to remind everyone to give their opinions on how we should images (especially which images to include in articles) in the forums. Recent talk page entries show that opinions on the subject--totally understandably--vary. Discussing different opinions helps to solve existing problems and to avoid creating new problems, so please leave your opinions there. I've already put up some proposals which I think might work, but it would really help to have other opinions on the subject, because images are always a touchy subject.

Some good news at the end (actually just a little reminder, because the date was set for months now): If they stick to their schedule Full Cast will release the audiobook for The Realms of the Gods in not even two months.

--PurzelTalk 13:29, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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