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I'm going to start with the upcoming publication, which is the release of the audiobook version of The Realms of the Gods, produced by Full Cast Audio, just like the other three books in The Immortals quartet and all available audio versions of books set in the Circle Universe. I'm still unable to find an exact release date. Full Cast's website still dates it sometime in November (which could also mean that it's not going to be published until December or early next year, they don't seem to be that punctual with their releases) and Amazon doesn't list the audiobook version at all.

RotG audio

Audiobook cover for RotG

However, there is a bit of news a propos of the audiobook: The Full Cast website now lists the book or (if available) audiobook covers for their upcoming releases and the audiobook cover for Realms of the Gods can already be found there.

On another note I just wanted to recall the publication of The Dragon Book, which, as you might have realized, came out yesterday. I'll get it myself, once my student's allowance enables me to do so. (Books for university are so damned expensive and you have to get new ones twice a year ...)

The university is also taking up a lot of my time right now, so I'm not around as much as a few weeks ago, but I'll make certain to check on the site regularly and continue contributing, whenever my spare time allows it.

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