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How to add citations:

Go to Source Mode. To do so, click edit on a page and in the scroll down menu with three bars, choose Source. In Source you can use HTML style for wiki.

1. To add citation that only comes up once in article:

<ref>''Lioness Rampant'', Chapter number (pg. number; Name of publishing company)</ref>

2. To add a citation that comes up multiple times per article:

<ref name="nameofcitation">''Lioness Rampant'', Chapter number (pg. number; Name of publishing company)</ref>

3. To recall a citation (only for repeats of above example):

<ref name="nameofcitation" />

Please don't call the ref names nameofcitation but reference the chapter in the name? Like:

<ref name="c1" />

Remember, it doesn't matter where the citation goes in the article even if it is called multiple times. Your new citation can come before or after the original, or even in an infobox. Please be sure that there are not repeats of specific citations!

Referencing outside sources:

If referencing a specific website, like tumblr or wordpress, please link to the website in the citation. E.g.

<ref>[ Article link]</ref>

How to call citations at end:

==Notes and references==
<references />

If there are too many citations and it seems disorganized:

==Notes and references==

Be sure to italicize the title of the book by using two separate apostrophes before and after the word (as seen in the examples). You don't need to do the publishing company for every single reference, but please do so if there are specific page numbers or if you skip to different editions with page numbers.

Thanks! Let me know if there are questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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