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    Tempests and Slaughter Updates

    December 22, 2016 by Mk101

    Hello everyone!

    I recently did a quick scan through Tamora Pierce's official facebook page (TAMORA PIERCE, FANTASY AUTHOR) to make sure we have all the information for the new books about Numair Salmalín. There are a few changes to past updates. Tempests and Slaughter, recently titled The Gift of Power, will be published on an unknown date in 2018. It will still feature Numair Salmalín while living in Carthak. The new title was released in a facebook post made on November 10th, 2016, and the new publication year was alluded to in a post made on September 30th, 2016. It is unknown if the series title will change completely as well, as in her Nov 10th post, she referred to the new book as Arram #1.

    There are sure to be more changes in the future…

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    Adding citations

    June 14, 2016 by Mk101

    How to add citations:

    Go to Source Mode. To do so, click edit on a page and in the scroll down menu with three bars, choose Source. In Source you can use HTML style for wiki.

    1. To add citation that only comes up once in article:

    Be sure to italicize the title of the book by using two separate apostrophes before and after the word (as seen in the examples). You don't need to do the publishing company for every single reference, but please do so if there are specific page numbers or if you skip to different editions with page numbers.

    Thanks! Let me know if there are questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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  • Mk101


    The upcoming books about Numair Salmalín will come in a duology, like the Trickster Series. The Gift of Power, the first in the duology, will be published on a date yet to be announced. According to Tamora Pierce, it will cover Numair's years at the University of Carthak, his meeting Varice Kingsford and Ozorne Tasikhe.

    After this work is handed off to her editors, Pierce will start a new Circle Universe book, set at the University of Lightsbridge with Tris as the POV character.

    Further information can be found on her tumblr:

    Update as of 2016:

    They will be a trilogy, beginning with The Gift of Power, and followed by The Exile's Gift. The third and final book of the trilogy is as yet untitled. The publi…

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    Standards of Linking

    December 20, 2013 by Mk101

    Linking is appropriate for when the first time a character's name appears in an article (as it has been done in the past.) This really makes the article look sharp, and not blue all over. Re-link if you go into a different section of the article, or if the article has many senction, but re-link only once per section. Don't link the name of the article to the article itself. For example, don't link Rebakah Cooper to Rebakah Cooper as the reader would already be on that page, and would honestly just be confused.

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