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     I am going to forget this thing doesn't have a title till I'm about to publish it I know. Then I'll add one. I haven't been on in a whiel beauce this week was a hard one. With the 7th grade writing test going on for three days. Then Friday we went on the field trip to Chrylser Muesum (which was boring). So i was in the museum trying to entertain my slef as we waited to get in the Mummy exhibt that's gonna leave soon and begin to go a bit ahed of the time in the exhbit but a very long time ago. I was thinking of the Provest's Guard seires. How I won't get Mastiff until my 14th birthday. I mean come on. I'm dying. it's not on Amazon. Trust me I check. Hmm. Nope. Still not there. I want to read about a patrol with Tunstall and Beka before they have to go on this hunt. Like I said in one of my previous posts that I believe this is the book Beka becomes a mother.

    I'll have to slow my checks to once a week or once every two weeks. If you haven't already guessed I'm taxed. Once I find it on Amazon I'll post the link in everything ia write online. My Gmail status will contain sommat like OMG and the link. My Facebook page will be wild with it and I'll have a whole new blog dedicated to the peek they give. I have a few loose bolts and I know it. My dad drove me to the edge once. He drove me very close to the edge. I didn't come back still secure. He really pushes. If we'd lived back when the books are based I'd a been one of them beat younguns sold into slavery by a horrible da. Till I was about nine I had blond hair. and I was a cutie when I was younger. My da has a toungue an attitiude 'bout him that would get us in the Cesspool. I wouldn't be a older sister of one. I'd have a few more siblings.

     What am I saying? Oh never mind. Listening to the music I am listening to is not helping. I need some food. That's it I'm hungry so my mind is like .. woah. or maybe it's thoseTv's at the muesuem. They had a bunch of picture and stuff flashing acorss the screenes and if u stare at 'em londg enough you get ... woah. I think I lost a few brain cells staring at them. tehhe. I nned to get off now 'fore I book a palne ticket to India.

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