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     I love the Beka Cooper books! I have a crush on Matthias Tunstall. I'll say it flat out. I just have a thing for tall guys. You know I didn't find out about Bloodhound until i picked up a cassete version of Terrier to listen to over my summer break. It said Book One on it. I freaked out. So when we got home I looked up Terrier on then I found Bloodhound. Well I'm in the middle of it for the second time. I was thinking of Matthias Tunstall at Tae Kwon Do for some reason. So when I got home I looked him up. I found this site and learned about the upcoming book Mastiff. I like Mastiffs. Comparing Beka to a Mastiff if you think about is just right! I have discovered the song Dreams by Cranberry fits when the Shadow Snake kills himslef. Ironically i was reading that part in Terrier during my summer with Beach 104 (local radio sation) blaring from a wall plug when that song came on. I was in a shock. That insturmental part fit with him dying. Yates Noll.

     I love Clary's jokes and Beka's toughness. Bella Swan (Twilight) is a weaker version of Beka. Even as a vampire Bella Swan Cullen is a baby. But Tunstall. um um he's got my imaginary eye. I'm sick yes. Trust me. Live love is doing that. Hmmm. If I had to choose between Karan (It's pronoucned CAR-on) or Tunstall.Hmmm. That really is a hard choice. Whatever. This is not my un-read Live-Journal diary. Oh lovely, There goes any chance of sleep. I have some Christmas List stuff to do.

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