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My name is Peter, and I'm a history major. I'm only interested in the Emelan series so don't ask me about Tortall, becuause the only thing I know about it is that it's more popular...

My main concern at the moment is getting the correct dating for the wiki as there are a lot of conflicts. The Will of The Empress is the first book to hold dates and it is stated that the main characters are 18 at the time of the book. Because we know they are 14 during the events of The Circle Opens and 10 during Sandry's Book we can figure out when events took place by a little simple math.

My other interest is nobility (escpecially House Toren), I am very interested in noble families and their family trees.

My academic interest in Pierce's books are the gender roles within series.

My contributions

If you see a character box for an Emelen character, I probably put it there. :)

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My current Projects

  • Correcting dates
  • Fixing little annoying things
  • House Toren
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