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Nationalities in the Tortallan Universe

  • Barzun: Barzunni
  • Yamani Islands: Yamani
  • Scanra: Scanran
  • Copper Isles: Copper Isle
  • Carthak: Carthaki
  • Galla: Gallan
  • Tusaine: Tusaini
  • Maren: Marenite

from: Bloodhound, September 14, 247 (p. 179)

Raid on the Court of the Rogue

Aftermath: Deerborn had the off-duty soldiers killed; three the first night, eight the night after that[1]

Notes and references

  1. Terrier, May 9, 246 (p. 473; Random House paperback)

Quotes for later use

Sandry's Book

Niko: "I am pleased to meet you, young lady."
Tris: "You'll change your mind before long. Everyone does."
Tris and Niko when he first meets her in Stone Circle Temple in Ninver, Capchen[src]
Niko: "Hop in. The landlady says you don't sleep in one of her beds until you've bathed. I have to admit, I would welcome the change myself."
Briar: "That stuff's unhealthy. Maybe you wouldn't be so bony if you stopped doing this all the time."
Niko: "My thinness has nothing to do with bathing. Do you undress yourself, or must we do it for you?"
Niko and Briar concerning Briar's initial aversion to bathing[src]
Sandry: "Lady Daja is my guest."
Esmerelle: "If that's a lady, I'm a cat."
Sandry: "I am Sandrilene fa Toren, daughter of Count Mattin fer Toren and his countess, Amiliane fa Landreg. I am the great-niece of his grace, Duke Vedris of this realm of Emelan, and cousin of her Imperial Highness, Empress Berenene of the Namorn Empire. You are Esmelle ei Pragin, daughter of Baron Witten ei Pragin and his lady Colledia of House Wheelwright—a merchant house. If I tell you my friend is a lady then you had best start lapping, kitty."
Sandrilene fa Toren and Esmelle ei Pragin when Daja Kisubo arrives at the dormitories of Winding Circle Temple[src]
Sandry: "I am silly, now and then. My mother said I was, anyway."
Daja: "If you know, you can stop it."
Sandry: "Then you've never been silly or you'd know it just creeps up without any warning."
Sandry and Daja on their first day at Discipline cottage[src]
Lark: "Her bark is worse than her bite."
Daja: "I bet her bite's poisonous."
Tris: "Just with the bark, you die slow."
Lark, Daja and Tris refering to Rosethorn on the children's first day at Discipline cottage[src]
"It's Rosethorn. Believe me, if she told you to remember something, you'd remember it—or she'd want to know why."
Briar to his housemates referring to Rosethorn[src]
Rosethorn: "I labeled everything," Rosethorn explained. "If they need more, tell them to send to me." Her mouth twisted wryly, and she added, "Perhaps mention that Crane's keep-awake tea is a hair better than mine." Everyone stared at her. "But just a hair!" she said crossly. "And don't tell Crane I said it!"
Niko: "I wouldn't dream of it."
Rosethorn to Niko when he collected some herbs from her to help the seers at the Hub[src]

Tris's Book

"He doesn't need my help coming up with pranks. He's got too many ideas of his own."
Daja referring to Briar in their first year at Discipline cottage[src]
Jaen: "The foretellers don't expect more trouble, do they?"
Willowwater: "When we're out of bandages, who needs to read the future to know more trouble will come."
Novice Jaen and Dedicate Willowwater upon the discovery that the stores of bandages were running low[src]

Daja's Book

Tris: "I wish I could do something. Back home, I'd have it raining buckets."
Polyam: "Could you?" asked Polyam with a laugh. "Could you indeed?"
Daja: "She could. And with as much thought as rolling over in bed."
Trisana Chandler, Polyam and Daja Kisubo on the first one's abilities with the weather[src]
Tris: "Don't tell her what all I can do. It might just make her nervous."
Daja: "It might." To Polyam she said, "Tris makes me nervous sometimes, and she's my saati."
Polyam: "To hear kaqs called saati—it makes me feel as if the world's coming all unglued."
Daja: "What else am I supposed to call them? Tris, Briar, Sandry—they're as close to me as my own blood. It's been a long summer. We've been through a lot together."
Daja and Polyam on Daja's relation to her foster brother and sisters[src]
Briar: "Didya see that elephant? I wanna complain to a magistrate. Someone let an elephant run wild, and it stepped on me."
Lark: "That was just Rosethorn being noble."
Briar Moss and Lark after Rosethorn refused to accept Briar's help with saving the trees of Gold Ridge from the forest fire[src]
"I could give up our circle, perhaps, or I could give up smithing. I think I could, anyway--though I'm not entirely sure. But give up both? I thank you, but no. I've changed too much to go back."
Daja Kisubo upon her reasoning for not going to live with Tenth Caravan Idaram[src]
Frostpine: "Even if you never made another thing, the Traders will sing your name for generations," he said cheerfully. "Of course, you're going to make plenty more things."
Daja: "I am?" she asked, looking up into his laughing eyes."
Frostpine: "Yes, indeed--starting with nails." He ignored Daja's groan."
Frostpine and Daja after she presented Polyam with the artificial leg Daja and her friends had made for the Trader[src]

Briar's Book

"Briar had once thought she was her name, as pretty as a rose, as quick to bite as a thorn."
—Description of Rosethorn[src]

Street Magic

Briar: "So I guess I was the last to know."
Rosethorn: "Of course you are. You're a man, aren't you?"
Briar and Rosethorn when Evvy moves in with them in Chammur[src]

Rosethorn: "Well. I'm impressed. They'll never clear the grounds, you realize. You put too much of your power into it. The Watch pahan says for every bramble they cut, four more sprout. They fight the people who try to cut them back. It looks like the Watch actually tried to burn it all, but the plants won't catch fire."
Briar: "Maybe next time they'll think of that, when they ignore a murderess. The rich folk here sure don't care about what's right. Just like Jooba-hooba saying how far away Lightsbridge and Winding Circle are. They think they're in the middle of nowhere, so they can do things civilized folk can't. New they know different."
Rosethorn and Briar after he destroyed Lady Zenadia's house[src]

Briar: "They never tell you some things. They tell you mages have wonderful power and they learn all kinds of secrets. Nobody ever mentions that some secrets you don't ever want to learn."
Rosethorn: "All you can do is learn good to balance the bad. Learn and do all the good within your reach. Then, if you wake in a sweat, you have something to set against the dream."
Briar and Rosethorn concerning the nightmares Briar had from the corpses in Lady Zenadia's garden[src]

"He couldn't wait to introduce her to his foster-sisters. He'd finally met another girl who was every bit as difficult as they were."
Briar Moss contemplating Evumeimei Dingzai[src]

Cold Fire

"The bravest person I know is afraid of the dark. She sleeps with a night lamp always, but if her friends are threatened? She suddenly thinks she's a bear twelve feet tall and attacks whoever scared her friends."
Daja Kisubo referring to Sandry in a conversation with Niamara Bancanor about courage[src]

Alanna: The First Adventure

Thom: "Face it. Tomorrow you leave for the convent, and I go to the palace. That's it."
Alanna: "Why do you get all the fun? I'll have to learn sewing and dancing. You'll study tilting and fencing--"
Thom: "D'you think I like that stuff? I hate falling down and whacking at things. You're the one who likes it, not me!"
Alanna: "You should've been Alanna. They always teach the girls magic--. Thom. That's it."
Alanna and Thom of Trebond coming up with the plan to switch places[src]


"He makes me proud to be a Dog."
Goodwin referring to Lord Gershom after he walked with them after Rollo's and Verene's deaths[src]
"All right. I was against having a Puppy. I thought she'd be a lot of work and a lot of trouble. But I have to say, you were right. Let's have a toddle over to Crookshank's house, on advice from the sharpest Puppy in the whole litter."
Goodwin to Tunstall and Beka[src]


Beka: "Oh, I need you now, is it?"
Dale: "[...] Yes, you need me. You need me to make you laugh. You need bo to tickle your--" He chuckled evilly. "Fancy. You need me to remind you that you're a woman and not just a Dog"
Rebakah Cooper and Dale Rowan on the way to a eating house[src]
Axman: "Watch the pigeons. One of the lads tried to shoo 'im off and got pecked in the nose for his trouble."
Goodwin: "He's a watch pigeon. Mean as a snake, but easier to feed."
Terart Axman and Clara Goodwin referring to Slapper[src]
"He's a decent cove, for all he's the law. Not bought law, either. Straight law. A cove knows where he stands with Nestor, and it isn't on the good side of a coin."
Hansevor Remy about Nestor[src]
Dale: "My feelings are hurt. The guards don't trust Hanse and me, and we're such trustworthy lads."
Goodwin: "I wouldn't trust you farther than I can throw you, and you a bony bit of a cove. Look at you, toying with my poor, earnest Beka. I've been hearing about your reputation, Master Rowan! One foot in and out of the Court of the Rogue, you and Hanse."
Dale: "Lies, all of it, lies. Well, mostly lies."
Dale Rowan and Clara Goodwin[src]


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