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I have been addicted to Tamora Pierce's books ever since I stumbled over a German copy of Lioness Rampant in our local library about ten years ago. I read the rest of the Song of the Lioness quartet as well as The Immortals quartet in German, too. Sadly no other full series of Tammy's books has been published in German. I own and have read all the books, those set in Tortall as well as those set in Emelan, in English. I also still have my German copies of the Alanna and Daine books as well as First Test and Trickster's Choice (the only other Tortallan books translated into German). In addition to the written books I also have all audiobooks that have been produced so far. The Listening Library productions are good but Full Cast's work are simply amazing. I can only recommend them.

Although I love all of Tammy's books, I enjoy the Tortallans a bit more, probably because I read them first. That might also be the reason why I still like Alanna the most, too.

I first came to this wiki in late April of 2009 and have since put much effort into it. Around that time this site had about 406 pages[1]. Since 24 May, 2009 I'm the administrator of the wiki, having adopted it because none of the two earlier admins were around anymore. Currently I have much to do in real life and can't edit as much as I would like, but you may be assured that I'll be around. Actually I check the site and all recent activity on a daily basis and answer to all messages left on my talk page. So if there arise any problems or questions, just let me know.

My contributions

Because my main focus was on Terrier and Bloodhound for the Tortallan Universe, I've done much for those articles, including creating many of them. But there are also quite a few other articles for the Tortallan Universe I've created. My focus in the Circle Universe generally was on The Circle of Magic, so I've done much with those pages. But I've also created many pages for the other novels within this universe, mostly characters. A selection of the articles I did major edits on:

Created articles

I've created way more than 100 articles (my rough estimate goes to around 500 pages), so I won't list them all here. You can few my latest created articles (within the last month) at Special:NewPages and for a complete list, which is not yet finished, see created pages.

Currently working on

(progress as of December 10, 2009)


  • Alanna: The First Adventure (I'm still at the beginning here, but it's way shorter than Terrier and Bloodhound, so I'll get through quicker. Even now I have only got through the first two chapters, because my priority is Briar's Book for now.)
  • Briar's Book (Yeah, finally the last volume of The Circle Opens. By now I've reached the middle, but with my work to do for college I may still be on it for quite a while.)
  • Alianne of Pirate's Swoop (for a protagonist the article is missing much vital information and thus way too short)
  • including the new information provided by Tammy on Random Buzz (It's nearing an end.)

--PurzelTalk 11:48, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

To do list

  • changing infobox templates: making them use parser functions instead of the css class "hiddenStructure"

Favorite pages

To be honest I like them all, especially those I've worked on for some time. I think you can't avoid getting fond of an article you wrote on for several days or even weeks. So you could probably cite all articles mentioned under "major contributions" as my favorite articles. My favorites among them probably are (not in order of preference):

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Notes and references

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