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hi every1 ! I started the tortall series with wild magic and loved it.slowly and began to read all of the books and still love them.i havent read sandrys series yet though.

another good thing about the books are that they are appropriate for younger children too,apart 2/3.

i cannot wait to read the other books Tamora Pierce publishes!!

i like all of the characters in the tortallan series. Roaul,George,Numair,Keladry are some of my favs.

i read alot!!!!!!!!!!! but apart from that i love to bake,surf the net .................!!!!i am currently in 10th grade and will like to be a nutritionist later on.

i have just joined(middle of oct)and am going to try my best to help purzel and all the other contributors.,this site is a great idea to get people interested in the books and i think every1 should read them.

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