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A Brief Personal History of Little Concern to Anyone

The Year: 1998 My Age: 15

I was OBSESSED with Tamora Pierce at the time (okay, still am, but not like then). I decided what the world needed was a Complete Encyclopedia about Tamora Pierce's works! I would write it, an entry for every character, place, and name in the books.

This driving urge led me to create a now-defunct website (ironically) named The Absolutely Complete Guide to Tortall. It's ironic because it was never anywhere near complete.

An encyclopedia like that is waaaaay too much work for any one fan, no matter how obsessed. What I really wanted was: this! The Tamora Pierce Wikia. The wiki concept/technology just wasn't there during 1998-2000 when I had the site. But now, ten years later, I ended up discovering my heart's desire from back then has come to pass after all.

Yay! :-)


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