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Urda's House (pronounced UHR-dah) was a hospital for the poor in the Mire, the slum on the outskirts of Summersea in Emelan, run by Jokubas Atwater[1]. The place was surrounded by a tall fence, admitting visitors through a gate within it. The large, two-story building was situated on the Mire's main Street, Nosegay Strut.[2] The building also had a second entrance to the back that was designed for quarantine purposes, having a separate staircase and a gate that could be locked. The third floor, where the separate staircase led, was also stocked and furnished for quarantine purposes, including medicines, cots and a washing room. The other parts of the house couldn't be accessed from that part unless the connecting door was opened from the outside. The windows in the quarantine area were shuttered and barred. Into the doors leading outside and to the other parts of the house small speaking-windows, covered with spelled sheer cloth to keep the sickness inside, were situated.[3] Storerooms were situated in the cellar, with the pump rooms and furnace on the cellar's opposite side.[4]

In Urda's House the poor got the "cheapest possible medical help"[2]. Healers working there are paid a "decent wage" supported by the guild charity fund and the duke.[5] Rosethorn visited there regularly to help restock the medicines. Shortly after the first blue pox victim was quarantined in Urda's House one of the people working there, who had been selling all the medicines Rosethorn had been bringing there for over a year, fled.[4] When the blue pox broke out the sick and others exposed to the illness were put under quarantine there, including Rosethorn, Briar Moss and Flick. Among the first people quarantined there were also the two guards who had brought Rosethorn, Briar and Flick to Urda's House. By the third day of the disease's outbreak - by that time all of the beds were full and additional pallets had to be laid out - half of the healers tending to those brought to Urda's House were from Winding Circle's Water Temple. Briar estimated that there were around five hundred patients in the whole building[6]. Briar had more confidence in those healers than those regularly working at Urda's House, because Rosethorn had told him tales of her arguments with the locals over the winter.[7]

It was part of the setting in Briar's Book.

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