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Uneny Kisubo (pronounced oo-NAY-nee key-SOO-boh) was the older brother of Daja Kisubo and a Trader like her. As his sister he was a member of Third Ship Kisubo. He drowned with the rest of his family except Daja in an late winter storm in 1035 KF.

It seems like it was a habit of his to ask his sister to take his watch, as she once refers to him doing so while still not quite awake and considers boxing his ears before she realizes that it's not Uneny who wakes her[1]. This seems to have been a habit of Uneny's.[2]

He doesn't appear in any of the novels as he died before the beginning of Sandry's Book. Thus he is only mentioned in passing by his sister Daja in Tris's Book and in Daja's Book.

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