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Ulasim Dodeka †
Reigning Monarch
Liege Lord
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Honorific '
Epithet The Strong One
Born 418 HE[1]
Died August, 463 HE
Race Raka
Nationality Copper Islander
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Parents Ochobu Dodeka
Adoptive Parents
Children Junai Dodeka
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank General (Raka Conspiracy)
Head footman
Residence Tanair
Bazhir Tribe
Occupation Manservant to the Balitangs
Affiliation Raka Conspiracy
Alianne Crow
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Choice
Last Appeared Trickster's Queen
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Ulasim Dodeka (pronounced OO-lah-seem doe-DEHK-ah) was a male raka Copper Islander and the leader of the raka conspiracy during the mid-400s HE. He was the son of Ochobu Dodeka, a powerful mage of the conspiracy, and the father of Junai Dodeka. He died in the summer of 463 HE during the raka rebellion and was killed by Rubinyan Jimajen[2]. He was mentioned in the Kyprish Prophecy as "The Strong One", which was the marking for his epitaph.


Early life

Ulasim grew up in Pohon, a raka village located on Lombyn Island near Tanair. His parents presumably indoctrinated him into the raka conspiracy and he worked for the Temaida family to protect their daughter Sarugani Temaida.

Member of the conspiracy

Beginning years

Apparently, before Sarugani married, the raka conspiracy talked about putting her on the throne, and Ulasim had been privy to this discussion. They decided against it because the time wasn't right, and Sarugani was hotheaded and impulsive.

Ulasim became an affixed part of Sarugani's household when she married Mequen Balitang, a luarin man who was a member of the Rittevon family, the cruel luarin dynasty. When Duchess Sarugani gave birth to Lady Saraiyu, the rebels finally had the twice-royal queen mentioned in the Kyprish Prophecy. Ulasim dedicated his life to looking after Sarugani and her daughters, as all the raka knew that they were their only hope. When Sarugani died in a fatal horseriding accident, the raka conspiracy increased its protections. Ulasim did not even return home to say goodbye to his dying father, which his mother never forgave him for. Ulasim became the leader of the conspiracy at an unknown date.

He was outwardly devoted to the Balitang family, but secretly only devoted to the Balitang half-raka girls. At some point, Ulasim became acquainted with Kyprioth the trickster, and the raka's head god.


Ulasim went with the Balitang family when they were exiled by King Oron on the grounds of suspected treason. Ulasim and the other members of the conspiracy in the household, like Chenaol, Fesgao Yibenu, and Lokeij suspected the new luarin slave girl who had joined their ranks, Aly Homewood. They watched her carefully, at first thinking she was a Crown spy. Later, after almost killing her because they suspected her, Kyprioth stood up for Aly, saying that he had brought the conspiracy their needed spymaster.

During their exile, Bronau Jimajen murdered Mequen in a try for power. He wanted to marry Sarai and become king. Ulasim was saddened at the death of Duke Mequen.

Return to the capital

Rubinyan Jimajen, Bronau's brother and the prince regent, invited the Balitangs back to Rajmuat in response to Duke Mequen's death. They returned spring of 463 HE, with plans in mind.

After a very eventful spring and summer, including the loss of Sarai as she eloped to Carthak with Zaimid Hetnim, the raka finally attacked the Grey Palace with force and succeeded in placing Dovasary Balitang on the throne. Ulasim died in the battle, as did his daughter and his mother.

Physical description

Aly described him as having direct eyes, a nose that had been broken many times, and being well-muscled. His black hair was in a horsetail, and he had a mustache and chin beard.[3]


Notes and references

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