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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==
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The Tusaine War took place in 435 HE[1]. The cause of the war between Tusaine and Tortall were disputes concerning the Drell River.

Known Tortallan Knights to fight in the war were Prince Jonathan, Gareth of Naxen (the younger), Raoul of Goldenlake, Alexander of Tirragen and Myles of Olau. Roger of Conté was the commander of the Tortallan forces. He was assigned to this post after Duke Gareth of Naxen, who was initially to be the commander, fell off his horse and injured himself.

The war was put to an end when Tortallan Knights took the brothers of King Ain as hostages. The King, who let his brothers de facto rule for him, gladly signed the peace contract in exchange for his brothers.

Notes and references

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