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Type Country
Location East of Tortall, North of Tyra, West of Maren, South of Galla and Scanra
Size Smaller, long rather than wide
Climate Humid continental
Landforms Drell River Valley
Bodies of water River Drell
Marine Life
Location Information
Established Unknown
Official Language Common Eastern
Religious Head
Residents The Tusaines
Religion Main Pantheon
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Capital Ashford
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Notable Buildings
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State King Ain (figurehead in 435 HE)
Prime Minister (true head of state)
Wars Tusaine War against Tortall
Enemies Tortall (during Tusaine War)
Main Industry
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe place
First Mentioned Alanna: The First Adventure
First Appeared In the Hand of the Goddess
Latest Appearance Lost
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '

Tusaine (pronounced too-SANE) is a country in the Tortallan Universe.


Location and climate

Tusaine borders Galla in the north, Tortall in the west, Tyra to the south, and Maren to the east. It is a landlocked country, which means it does not touch any oceans or seas.

It is assumed to have a very similar climate to the mid-northern parts of Tortall.

Landforms and bodies of water

The River Drell forms the border with Tortall, and cuts through the Tusaine Mountains, forming the Drell River Valley. The Lily Canal is also a body of water in Tusaine[1].



Tusaine is a monarchy, and is ruled by a King or a Queen. Parliament and other councils wield a considerable amount of power in the country, and the prime minister can rule in the monarch's stead easily, without it being much remarked upon. Although the monarch could probably wield just as much power as parliament—as it is with Tortall—it is not the case in the early 5th century HE during King Ain's tenure as monarch. Hilam of Keir, Ain's younger brother, ruled the country for the most part, and was the instigator of the Tusaine War with Tortall.


Tusaine, like other countries of the Eastern Lands, have aristocrats that wield power, although it is unknown how much. As Tusaine is less progressive than Tortall, it is assumed they wield more or have more privileges than Tortallan aristocrats.

International relations


Tusaine had a shaky relationship with Tortall in the first half of the 5th century. Duke Hilam started a war with them over the Drell River Valley and used spies like his brother, Count Jemis, to get information he needed. They were also assumed to be in contact with Roger of Conté, the treasonous royal Duke. He also happened to be the commander of the Tortallan armies as Duke Gareth had fallen of his horse and was unable to command the battles. At first, the war looked as if the victory would go to Tusaine, as King Roald had pronounce guerrilla warfare or heroics to be treasonous against the Crown. As Roald would be unable to behead his only child and heir, Jon led the rescue mission for his squire and took Duke Hilam as hostage, ending the war. The Tusaines were forced to give up any of their territory that they held over the Drell River Valley before the war in the truce that Tortall had them sign.

Since the war, there was no strife between Tortall and Tusaine, and Tusaine did not join Ozorne Tasikhe in the Immortals War—but neither did they aid the Tortallans[2].



Like most of the Eastern Lands, Tusaines worship the regular pantheon of gods, with Mithros and the Great Mother Goddess as King and Queen of the gods. It is unknown if they have their own regional gods, but it is likely.


They speak Common, like most of the Eastern Lands.


Ancient history

Tusaine was just a state in the Thanic Empire before the empire's fall. It became its own sovereign nation, like Tortall.

5th century

Known Tusaines

Notes and references

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  2. The Realms of the Gods

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