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"She's a mouse, that 'un. Ye'll never see her comin' nor goin'."
Haden commenting on his sister's ability to come and go without being noticed[src]

Truda was Haden's sister and living at Nestor Haryse's house since 245 HE. Amongst other things Truda helped out there as serving girl.[1] Truda and Haden had been living on the streets and had been members of a gang before Nestor had taken them in when he caught them stealing. On that occasion Truda tried to help her brother, who had been caught by Nestor, and attacked the guardsman with a knife. Okha Soyan taught her fighting and how to do hair and face paint for entertainers once they had moved into his house.[2] Truda—as well as her brother—was an excellent guard, spy, and pickpocket, often helping Nestor with his work and also looking after him. Sometime Nestor even rented the siblings and their gang out to other Dogs; they demand good payment for it, however. When Nestor had no work for them Truda and Haden ran with their old gang.[3]

She only appears in Bloodhound.

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