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Fief Trebond
Type Fiefdom
Location Northern Tortall
Terrain Rocky, mountainous, forests
Climate Cold in winter
Landforms Grimhold Mountains
Bodies of water
Marine Life
Location Information
Established Over 400 years prior to events
Official Language
Religious Head
Owner Coram Smythesson, Baron of Trebond
Alan of Trebond (former Lord of Trebond)
Residents Rispah Cooper
Trebond children
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Affiliation Tortall
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Notable Buildings Trebond Castle
Head of State
Main Industry
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe place
First Mentioned '
First Appeared Alanna: The First Adventure
Latest Appearance Trickster's Queen
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned Bloodhound
Only Mentioned '

Trebond (pronounced tray-BOND) was a fief in the southern Grimhold Mountains, as well as an old noble family. In the third century of the Human Era the House of Trebond was already rich[1] and one of the most powerful families in the realm[2]. Lionel of Trebond was a notable member of the family in that time, being the Deputy Provost for Port Caynn from 242 HE until 247 HE.

History of the Family

It is unknown when exactly the Trebond family came out of the woodwork, but it is heralded as being quite an old distinguished family. Coram Smythesson, a Trebond family servant, described the family as being in the Book of Gold. In any case, it was established before Beka Cooper's time.


Old line

3rd century

Lionel of Trebond was a notable member of the family in that time, being the Deputy Provost for Port Caynn from 242 HE until 247 HE.

5th century

Trebond Family
Year ennobled
Noble book Book of Gold
Rank Barony (current)
Lorddom (previous)
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Coram of Trebond
Heir apparent Jonthair of Trebond
Notable members first creation:
Lionel of Trebond (deceased)
Alan of Trebond (deceased)
Thom of Trebond (deceased)
Alanna of Trebond
second creation:
Coram Smythesson
Rispah Cooper
Inheritance Oldest child
Status Extant (second creation)
Notable events Scanran War
Nationality Tortallan
Residence Trebond Castle
Location Grimhold Mountains
Crest Black tower on a red field (first creation)
Colors Red and black (first creation)
Cadet branches
Related families Conté
Pirate's Swoop
Loyalty Tortallan Crown
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe family
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Alanna: The First Adventure
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Bloodhound
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

The head of the family was Alan of Trebond. He had a wife, Marinie of Tasride who died when the twins, Thom and Alanna, were born. Coram Smythesson and Maude Tanner were devoted family servants.

The members of the family during that time were:

When Lord Alan died, Trebond passed to his son, Thom, who was a sorcerer. While Thom was studying at the City of the Gods and Alanna was at the Royal Palace, Coram managed the fief on their behalf as the Steward of Trebond. When Coram left to travel with Alanna after she earned her shield, Armen became the new steward. Thom later became involved with Roger of Conté, a traitor, and was killed by Roger (by use of his Gift) on Jonathan's coronation day. With no male heirs to inherit the fief, the deed was returned to the Crown. Jonathan IV then gave the deed and title of Baron to Coram Smythesson and his wife Rispah Cooper. In the new deed, inheritance was no longer restricted to the male line.

New line

New members of the family:

Coat of Arms and Colours

The coat of arms belonging to Trebond depicts a black castle on a red field.

Scanran Front

Alanna once mentioned that Trebond was often involved in fighting of Scanran bandits in her youth, suggesting that it was a border fief.[5] However, the border must have changed by the time the Scanran War broke out, because Trebond isn't listed as a border fief anymore in the maps.

During the Scanran War Trebond served as a supply depot, also housing soldiers passing through, and hospital[6].

                                                           Lionel of Trebond
                                     Marinie of TasrideAlan of TrebondEleni Cooper             ┌—————————————————┴————————————————┐
                │                    │                                   │
              George CooperAlanna of Trebond                   Thom of Trebond
        │                              │                                          │                    │
 Thom of Pirate's Swoop    Alianne of Pirate's SwoopNawat Crow     Alan of Pirate's Swoop     unnamed daughter
                                 │                    │                       │
                             Ochobai Crow       Ulasu Crow               Junim Crow

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