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"If I had been here[...] for a week or more, everyone would feel their nearness in the air they breathed, the fire they warmed themselves with, the water the drank, and the earth under their feet. Every bit of magic within them would strain to find the Treasures and touch them. They would appear in dreams, water puddles, in the surfaces of metal."
—First Dedicate Dokyi describing how the Treasures affect people when unguarded[src]
The Treasures are ancient artifacts that hold spiritual meaning and power in the Living Circle religion. They consist of:
  • The Cup of Water - The size of a palm and made of baked reddish clay with no glaze. The outside of the cup is decorated with aspen branches. The base of the cup is secure to a thin granite circle. It held great power.
  • The Blaze of Fire - a crystal ball. At the center of which a flame burns. It holds immense heat.
  • The Seeds of the Earth - many seeds of many different plants (some of them unheard of to Rosethorn). They are held in a jade bowl.
  • The Feather of Air - It is kept under silk and changes shape. When held, the person can feel the winds of the earth.

They hold great power in the Living Circle religion. The First Living Circle Temple in Gyongxe is designed to keep them a secret from the dedicates. In any other temple, the dedicates and magic-users would feel the Treasures' power and seek them out. In the wrong hands, the Treasures could corrupt the Living Circle religion.

In 1041 KF, Rosethorn is asked by the First Dedicate Dokyi to take the Treasures to safety in the Temple of the Sealed Eye. She is amazed by their power, and ends up taking the quest.


The only appear in Battle Magic.

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