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The training master was responsible for the pages' education on their way to become a knight. He organized their lessons and granted them free time according to their progress. The training master also assigned punishment duties, when the pages began fights. He also stood in correspondence with the pages' parents, informing them of their children's progress.[1]

In Alanna's time, the training master was Duke Gareth of Naxen, who worked alongside Aram Sklaw. When he resigned his post in 442 HE, Lord Wyldon of Cavall took over and was Keladry of Mindelan's training master. After Wyldon resigned, Padraig haMinch became the next training master. Duke Gareth's son, Gareth of Naxen the Younger, filled in between Lord Wyldon and Paidrag haMinch.

Notes and references

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