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Trader Koma (pronounced KOH-mah) is a Trader god of the open road, supreme negotiator. He is also known as the great steersman of the sky, who guides all ships and caravans safely home[1]. He is known for his peculiar acts[2] as the god of deals and rewards[3]. Koma's wife is Bookkeeper Oti[4].

Traders honor Trader Koma with an alter at home, with incense, candles and gods-images.[5] To mark a vow holy to Koma and Oti, one frames their eyes with two fingers.[6]


The origin myth of the Traders begins with "Long ago, Trader Koma and his bride, Bookkeeper Oti, saw that they had no savings in their accounts books, no warm memories laid up for the cold times." it goes on to tell how the Trader and the Bookkeeper created the Tsaw'ha. [7]

After you die, Trader Koma weighs your life in his gold scales, and Bookkeeper Oti writes down what you owe.[8]

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